Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas The gist Cabo San Lucas is a beautiful place to be, and if you can avoid the traps and dig into the underground, you might just find some of the freshest Breaking Culture in the country!

Alex Milewski

Alex Alex Milewski Founder | Movement Artist Bio Alex Milewski is a full time movement artist, wellness coach and educator currently based in Boulder, Colorado. Since 2006 he has competed, taught and performed all around the world. His movement style is rooted in BBoying, Martial Arts, Tricking, Contemporary and House Dance. His mission is to […]

Costa Rica 2019

Costa Rica 2019 The Gist Every January, dancers from around the world gather in San Jose (Heredia), Costa Rica to share a month of epic movement: from contemporary, acrobatics and martial arts, to ballet and Yoga.

London 2018

London 2018 The gist London is a truly epic city with tons to do. There is culture, history and incredible art. I highly recommend staying for at least one week and joining some sort of gym/community while you are there (Yoga, climbing, dance, fitness, whatever). Don’t miss out on “the tourist things”, even (especially) if […]

Breaking Negativity

11/11, 2018 | PRAGUE An open letter to the breaking community worldwide. This topic is well-worn by me, but I think the this community needs to take a long, heavy look at our behaviors in battles. This weekend, I got to experience a ton of dope kids and “juniors” breaking battles here in Prague. I […]

Stop the RICE-ing

09/1, 2018 | BOULDER The Gist Trust your body, it knows more than you do. After hurting my neck at the Jam yesterday, I had a lot of compassionate dancers lend me healing energy and advice. I’m super grateful for the positive energy and compassion, THANK YOU! However, the “advice” i received highlighted a trend […]