COVID 19 policies, regulations and procedures

At Block 1750, the health and well-being of our students, teachers and community members comes first.

The Block is open at a limited capacity over the coming months for classes and workshops, we want to make all students and parents aware of the additional safety measures we are putting in place at this time. We are not choosing to open because we don’t appreciate the gravity of the situation, we are choosing to open because we recognize the role that community, movement and expression play in life, and we want to hold space for that at whatever capacity we can. 

Sick Policy

We will have a strictly enforced sick policy: if you or anyone in your household are feeling unwell, please stay home. Full refunds will be given for sick students.

All students will be required to fill out and virtually sign our COVID health checklist before attending class each day.

Physical Distancing

In order to maintain appropriate physical distancing, all classes will be capped (based on Boulder County COVID state dial color): please reserve classes online to guarantee your slot.
Students will be asked to limit the number of items they bring into the building to: water bottle and dance shoes, if possible.
WE KNOW you are so stoked to see all of your friends/peeps, but please be respectful of the space and those around you by showing your Love through creative “distanced” secret handshakes, etc.Face coverings are required when in the studio (including in class) for students over the age of 11. If you cannot medically wear a mask for dancing, you will not be required to.


We ask students to please enter through the “main” (East) door, and exit through the studio doors (the two West doors) to limit any unnecessary contact / overlap.

Sanitation Nation

In addition to our regular cleaning at The Block, we have been implementing new nightly “deep cleans” with the aim of disinfecting all surfaces (especially the dance floor and bathrooms), as well as “clean sweeps” between each class of doorknobs, floors, and other commonly contacted surfaces. Students will be encouraged to wash hands before and after class using either of the two bathrooms or kitchen sink: paper towels and touch-free trash/recycle receptacles are available at all of these.

After Dance Suggestions

Leave your dance bag in a trunk or in a specified area like an entryway that will not have contact with your other belongings.
Take a shower immediately after returning home.
Wipe down dance shoes with a sanitary wipe and repack them in your bag.

Finally… These are tough, crazy times. If you or someone in your household are high-risk, we highly recommend that you stay home and continue to tune-in remotely VIA our on-demand channel. There is absolutely no pressure for anyone to come back to the studio right away, and we understand completely that everyone’s situation and comfort zones are different.

Much Love,
-Block 1750 Staff