Donate to the Block

What is The Block?

Block 1750 is a dance-based community center in Boulder, CO run by volunteer dancers and artists. We teach necessary classes in street dance fundamentals, because we believe it is important to keep these styles alive. Because we cater mostly to Hip Hop, we're able to cross a lot of economic, cultural and racial boundaries. By opening our doors to the public for a variety of free activities, including annual events, weekly practice and poetry sessions, social and cultural gatherings, and offering mentoring and leadership opportunities.


How can you help support us financially??

Two options:

Set up a monthly donation
**not tax exempt**

Make a one-time tax exempt donation
**Through Boulder Arts Alliance** 

Monthly Block Sponsor
from 10.00 every month
Support Level:

What do we need money for anyways??

Every month, The Block manages to scrape by, barely making rent. However, sometimes this is at the cost of needing to fill open hours (generally available for free practice and rehearsals) with paying renters. While we love to offer our beautiful space to groups who want to rent it, it is one of the founding principles of the block to keep open and free hours for the community. We need your support to continue offering these free hours every week while still being able to pay our bills and rent on time.