Kids on The Block



Kids Breaking Program

The Kids Breaking program is our pride and joy at The Block. Students learn together in a “Crew” class each week, and come to other drop-in classes throughout the week based on their availability. The program follows our very own “Block Beanie System” where students will progressively work their way up from White to Black beanies (similar to Martial Arts Belts) with their crew over the years. 
New students should come join a drop-in class and ask the teacher about the next crew start date! New students can also sign up for our 8-week online “Breaking FUNdamentals” course to get started:

Kids Breaking Drop-in Classes

Breaking FUNdamentals online course

Allstyles Kids: Contemporary, Hip Hop and more! 

Does your child want to move, groove and flow?? Come check out the Allstyles program here at The Block. 

Kids Allstyles Drop-in classes

Teen Program

The Teen Program on The Block is the place to be for teens (13-17) looking to get involved in Dance, Hip Hop Culture and movement. Crew class meets every week and Teens can participate in adult classes as they choose! For more information, email Kristen Holleyman: