We Reached Our Funding Goal!

In just 16 days, we've reached our campaign goal of raising $12,000. We’d like to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us get this far. From the $1 donors, to the $1000 donors, to the people who shared a link in order to help us tell our story and everyone in between - Thank You. The love and support we’ve received has been overwhelming and we are SO excited to be able to take that energy and give it back out to the world as soon as we are finished building the Block! 

This week at the Block we finished sanding and staining the floor, as well as got a great start on building out the lifestyle side of the space. Now that we know we have the building cost of the floor and the walls covered, we can breathe a huge sigh of relief and start focusing on the other parts of the project. Which brings us to….

Stretch Goals:

  • If we hit $13,000, we can pay for a sound wall so that we don’t get ourselves evicted for being terrible neighbors. Which means we can throw a Friday night dance party (complete with a live DJ) for any and all backers who have helped us get here! 
  • If we hit $15,000, we can pay for the new sound wall AND the kitchen. Which means we’ll host a gigantic, delicious homemade dinner for all of our backers who pledge $500 or more. 
  • If we hit $20,000 we’ll first have a heart attack and then pay for a new sound wall, the kitchen, tables & books for the study area, couches for the chill area, gigantic, full length mirrors and the most bumping sound system we can get our hands on. Which means the entire Block will have been paid for by the grace of you generous donors. If we reach this, we’ll host a free dance workshop, open to as many people as fire code permits, one night or weekend a month for the next YEAR.  

Again, thank you for helping us get this far, keep spreading the good word by sharing our Kickstarter campaign so we make this place even more incredible than we’d ever dreamed!


Your Immensely Grateful Blockheads