Kinetic Playground: Tier 1 pricing option

Kinetic Playground: Tier 1 pricing option

Because we want this to be a radically inclusive event while still paying/flying/hosting these incredible artists, we have broken pricing into sliding scale options to meet you where you are at.

You can view all pricing tiers here.

Tier 1: 

You should choose Tier 1 if your life looks something like this:

Maybe you live in an apartment, are living paycheck to paycheck, and use public transit/bike/or share a vehicle


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Kinetic Playground is a week-long movement research summit that aims to bring top educators and facilitators around the world to Boulder’s vibrant movement community. Our facilitators span many backgrounds and experiences from all over the world. Kinetic Playground will present dialogue between many disciplines of movement including Acrobatics, Contemporary Dance, Breaking, Hand Balancing, Fighting Monkey, Floor Flow, Martial Arts, and more. These artists are changing the shape of the larger movement community by representing a shift in perspectives on movement training globally. Colonized thinking and form hierarchy have long plagued the movement community and each of these artists represents the curiosity and embodied research (especially popular in Europe) that is validating and expressing multiculturalism and respect for all forms and styles. By bringing all of these practitioners and their modalities here, we hope to celebrate the vibrant movement community in Colorado by exploring each of these modalities under one roof.

The week will end with a free performance from our guest teachers and local practitioners.


Schedule overview:

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm general schedule (each day will be slightly different) 

  • 9am: optional community wellness class
  • 10am: Morning Session
  • 12:30pm: Lunch Break
  • 1:30pm-2:30pm: Movement Pop Up
  • 2:30-5pm: Afternoon Session

Performance and open jam session: Friday, Jan 7th, 8:00pm.