Ross Dylan

Ross Dylan is a movement coach and artist from New York City, whose focus is on helping students better understand the landscape of their unique composition and teaching them how to build a practice that can support them in their self-development and rehabilitation process

The material he shares is largely based on his study and research collaboration with Jozef Fruzek, founder of RootlessRoot Dance Company and Fighting Monkey Research;  a highly innovative movement practice that explores collaborative training environments to help people improve their physical condition and better understand their thinking, emotions and behavioural patterns. 

Ross comes to The Block 1750 with the goal of helping students take care of themselves so they can spend more time doing what they’ love.  

Mobility in Motion 

Mobility in Motion is a class designed to maintain and improve the condition of our joints and physical structure. We take a close look at how each joint collaborates and moves in relation to the entire body. This whole system approach helps us understand and diagnose why a particular joint is injured and/or experiencing discomfort. Mobility in Motion helps us build an intelligent practice that can support us before, during and after our training. 

Click here for a peak into the class.