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Every week, The Block 1750 hosts free open practices, and offers dozens of hours of free rehearsal and training space to dancers. We keep our doors open, WiFi running and heat + lights on nearly 24/7 to support and maintain community in our space: from open dinners every Friday night, to the random lunch time and late-night chill sessions that happen on the daily, we are a home away from home for many youth and dancers in Boulder. 

How is all of this possible? 

All of our administrative staff are volunteers: the only people who make any money at The Block are instructors who are paid to teach classes. Our volunteers keep us alive, functioning and clean on a daily basis. 

What do we need money for?

Every month, The Block manages to scrape by, barely making rent. However, sometimes this is at the cost of needing to fill open hours (generally available for free practice and rehearsals) with paying renters. While we love to offer our beautiful space to groups who want to rent it, it is one of the founding principles of the block to keep open and free hours for the communityWe need your support to continue offering these free hours every week while still being able to pay our bills and rent on time.

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Your support will keep Block 1750 alive and dancing. We promise that your contribution will be used to continue our mission of supporting youth, dance, culture and community in Colorado and around the world.

Peace, Love, Unity and Having Fun!!

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