Allstyles (and Open Styles) events in the U.S.

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If you host an event or know of any that should be added to this list PLEASE email a link to the Facebook event page (or website) and we will add it!!!

This list is not meant to be exclusive in any way: the only qualifier is that the event must have at least 2 dance styles represented... 

Jan 7: Thesis, Tampa

Jan 14: Fight Club 3, CO

Jan 21: Rockers Rumble 11, CO (Breaking and House)

Jan 28: Rhythm Spotlight, PA

Jan 28: Roots Before Leaves, Portland

Jan 28: Whose Fakin' Da Funk, Houston

Feb 4: Cypher Event, LV **

Feb 11: Utah Raw, Salt Lake

Feb 17: Disciples of Funk

Feb 18: Bonnie Clyde, SD**

Feb 25: The Playlist, Salt Lake**

??Feb? Overdrive, Boston

Mar 3: Bashville, TN

Mar 11: The Impact 4, Portland

April 1: Circa, LV (Breaking, Popping)

April 15: Northwest Sweet 16, Seattle

April 15: Blueprint, TX (House)

May 20: Murmuration, CO (Performance)

June 28-July 2: Misfit Dance Camp, Houston

Sept 1-4: Block Party, CO


**Body Poets Event

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