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Kaiut Hatha Yoga is a practice of healing, strengthening and liberating the body. Developed by Francisco Kaiut, this holistic approach uses a variety of positions, mostly on the floor, to access the joints and relieve rigidity that otherwise keeps us stuck and diseased. Health and balance is our birthright. Kaiut Hatha Yoga is a relative and contextual practice of liberating our bodies so that we may live our fullest lives.

Instructors Stephen and Sara live anchored to the art and practice of hatha yoga. They are committed to living from the heart and recognize that to embrace the broad spectrum of human experience, it is necessary to move through the old patterns that keep us stuck. Kaiut Yoga has become an integral part of their lives because they understand the freedom that comes from having a mobile, healthy and balanced body.

This teaching couple blends their distinct styles to offer a unique and comprehensive perspective of Kaiut Hatha Yoga. They encourage and assist students to wisely explore their bodies through deep and compassionate personal investigation. They use powerful guidance to direct the practitioner to his or her authentic wisdom and hold space where students can drop pretense, meeting themselves exactly as they are. 

Come practice: M, W F 12:30-1:30PM, Tue 5:45-6:45PM, Sun 9:45-11:00AM at The Block!