Gina Medina

Gina Medina was born and raised in Boulder, Colorado. She's been dancing since the age of five, training in many different styles and studios through out her life. Growing up, she had many different opportunities in training and especially with teaching. She has been teaching for almost five years and has fallen in love with it more and more through the years. Teaching camps, classes and workshops, Gina has gained most of her connection with her students through experience. She's built a lot of her confidence as a dancer through her crew, Academy of Raw. As a member of AOR, she has become one of the main choreographers of the crew and has traveled and met many other dancers that have helped blossom her into who she is now.  

Gina's style of dance comes from several different instructors and a variety of styles such as Hip Hop, African, Latin, Waacking/Vogue and House. She has been drawn to Waacking and Latin dance for most of her life, adapting the styles to different songs and movements. Gina is a super bubbly person and loves to take people out of their boxes to form a strong character. Her classes are meant for building confidence and passion out of a place of comfort. Gina believes a person is free in their own skin and that nothing can stop them from their achievements except for themselves. She also believes in being fierce and loving yourself in the sexiest form as well as the ugliest.