Anna Gunderson

Anna Gunderson was born in Boulder, Colorado and was introduced to a dance group, Worm Tank Crew at the age of 12 where she found a home and gained a love of hip hop culture. Since then Anna has trained in various styles of dance which all influence her main focus in House Dance today. Anna is also a member of a Backbone & Co where she is able to experiment all types of movement through training, performing, traveling, and collaborating. For Anna, dance is a way to communicate, find connections and a place to gain a voice. Through teaching she does her best to create space that is open to all kinds of movement for each individual to explore and dig deeper within their own beat. Anna's classes are usually freestyle oriented while working with all levels to become comfortable moving and experimenting to the beat of their own drum. As DJ Kool Herc said it best, "Come as you are, we are a family.”