Kids classes


Kids classes at THe Block

We have daily kids breaking (breakdancing) classes for ages 6-12. You can check out our full class schedule here


Our Tuesday breaking class is all levels drop-in year round. That means anyone can come to class without having to worry about being there for the first time! 

Breaking Sessions

During the school year, we offer 8-10 week "sessions" for kids breaking. These sessions allow us to build on lessons each week and cater to beginner and intermediate groups individually. For more information on sessions and start dates contact us or stop by!

My child isn't 6 yet, what can I do??

Generally, we find that children under 6 have a lot of trouble focusing in class, and they end up distracting the other kids. If you have a younger child and think they would be able to participate in class without distracting other students, you are welcome to bring them to class for a "trial". Just be sure to talk to the teacher before and after class!

Can kids take "adult" classes? 

Of course!! We Love having different generations present in our adult classes, and have many families who take class together. Just keep in mind that adult classes will cater to adult students, and music may include profanity. We pride ourselves on having a ton of diversity in our teachers and classes, so we really encourage everyone to try out different classes and find the teachers/classes that you enjoy the most. You can check out our full class schedule here